IT giant Cisco launches UK vehicle-to-grid demonstrator project

By Liam Stoker
Image: Nuvve.

IT giant Cisco is leading a consortium to demonstrate vehicle-to-grid (V2G) technologies in the UK market.

Cisco is leading the E-Flex project, bringing together parties including trade body Cenex, technology provider Nuvve, London’s transport authority TfL and academic establishment Imperial College London, to demonstrate the role V2G can play as the adoption of electric vehicles accelerates.

The project is to create a real-world test environment for V2G technologies, bringing fleet owners together and connecting as many as 200 EVs through the use of 10kW, bidirectional chargers.

It’s intended that the trial will evaluate the technology and prove the concept of sharing power stored in electric vehicle batteries for the benefit of consumers and grid operators alike, ultimately culminating in the development of a commercially viable strategy for V2G moving forward.

Maria Hernandez, head of innovation at Cisco UK & Ireland, said that the market opportunity for V2G is huge.

“E-Flex is about testing whether V2G provides a solution to the main challenge of making this a reality: developing an economically and environmentally viable business model for EVs,” she said.

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