VIDEO: Bankable energy storage for the Asia-Pacific region

By Solar Media Staff
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Email proudly presents this sponsored webinar with Honeywell, where we talk about the potential for battery energy storage across the Asia-Pacific region and how to address concerns around risk and bankability that hold back a powerful wave of decarbonisation opportunity. 

Many countries across the Asia-Pacific region have an enormous potential for adopting energy storage. Batteries and other storage technologies enable the adoption of renewable energy and allow us to leave the era of fossil fuels behind while also enabling reliable and good quality electricity supply.

Various industry analyst groups have highlighted that the North America and Asia-Pacific regions will be the global leaders in energy storage deployment over the next few years.

Some countries in the region are already on this journey, with Australia, Japan, China and South Korea among the more mature markets, with batteries deployed, both large-scale in front-of-the-meter and distributed behind-the-meter. Other countries like Vietnam, the Philippines and India are taking their early steps as we speak.

The dynamics of the energy sector across the Asia-Pacific countries are varied and fascinating: all of the above mentioned countries have reasons in common for adopting energy storage, but also individual reasons specific to each.

But there are financing bottlenecks and challenges across much of the region. In the same way that solar was less bankable 10 years ago than it is today, proving the business case for energy storage to financiers can be difficult.

In this webinar, Honeywell experts discussed how the company has brought some technology solutions and service contracting options to the markets of the APAC region that can help developers, investors, owners and operators of energy storage assets to de-risk their projects and find financing. Honeywell’s technology allows energy producers to reduce their LCOE, microgrid and energy storage owners to optimise their operations, and commercial and industrial (C&I) clients to achieve their corporate sustainability goals.

Moderator/presenter: Andy Colthorpe – editor, 

With: Rajesh Mehta – APAC sales director for renewable energy, Honeywell

Vineet Shah, director for global business development and partnerships, Honeywell

This webinar followed two sessions with Honeywell earlier in the year on similar themes covering the EMEA and Americas regions. See those and all of our other great webinars at the On-Demand page here

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