Tesla drops ‘Motors’ from name in company rebrand

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The change reflects the moves that CEO Elon Musk has made in the last year to combine his clean energy efforts. Beyond electric cars, Tesla already also makes home batteries and solar roofs. Source: Tesla
Elon Musk’s electric vehicle and energy storage company Tesla has officially changed its name from ‘Tesla Motors’ to ‘Tesla Inc’ according to a new regulatory filing.

The change is indicative of a rebrand from a primary focus on the company’s signature electric vehicles, to a shift to clean energy solutions as a whole.

The process began in July when Musk released the sequel to his ‘Master Plan’, highlighting the SolarCity acquisition as the catalyst for Tesla moving into a realm of sustainability projects, and not least the plan to put solar on every roof and a battery in every American garage.

After 13 years as Tesla Motors, the change is official with the company website URL already amended, and the unveiling of the largest Tesla Powerpack station in the world happening in California just days before the news broke. 

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