SolarEdge rolls out new integrated residential solution throughout Europe

Source: SolarEdge Technologies
The product combines inverters, storage and home automation. Source: SolarEdge Technologies

SolarEdge is rolling out a new complete residential solution throughout Europe that combines inverters, storage and home automation. The idea is to manage and monitor electricity consumption, solar energy generation and storage through one central device control that enables enhanced energy independence and increases self-consumption.

“SolarEdge is committed to making PV more accessible throughout Europe by providing innovative products that offer greater value. Homeowners that use solar energy can lower household expenses by reducing their electricity bills,” said Alfred Karlstetter, general manager of SolarEdge Europe. “Our new residential offering covers a wide variety of homeowner needs that range from increased production and maximizing self-consumption to home automation.”

The solution features SolarEdge’s HD-Wave single-phase inverter, StorEdge solution, device control suite, the new three-phase residential inverter and supporting device control that shifts consumption to meet PV production patterns.

This residential portfolio is now accessible in Wels, Austria; Lyons, France; and in the Netherlands. It will also be presented at the company’s EU-wide roadshow and in its show in Benelux in cooperation with leading mounting supplier Esdec.

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