German firm touts flywheel storage system for train operators

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Credit: Stornetic
German manufacturer Stornetic is to make its flywheel storage system available to train operators, so they can store energy from braking trains at stations to help power them as they depart again.

The company said its EnWheel system, which turns electrical energy into rotational energy, and stores it for later use, has been optimised as wayside storage for the public transportation industry, allowing operators to keep “energy savings whenever a train stops”.

Rainer vor dem Esche, managing director at Stornetic, said: “Electricity costs are a decisive factor for companies who run train, tram or metro systems. Our wayside storage device helps bring down these costs.

“It stores the braking energy of trains and makes it available for the acceleration to leave the station. Through this the peak power demand and the related costs are reduced, too. This means a cost saving for the operator at every stop and a benefit for the environment at the same time.”

The EnWheel operates without use of chemicals, lasts for one million charging cycles, and is made of recyclable materials.

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