What to expect at the Energy Storage Summit 2021

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Now very much an annual fixture of the industry’s event calendar, the Energy Storage Summit hosted by Solar Media returns again this year.

While the 2021 edition won’t be taking place at a central London location, decision-makers and stakeholders representing who’s who in energy storage in the UK and beyond will be attending the virtual conference online to network and discuss the big topics of the day as always.

So many of my contacts within the industry have told me how vital and important the Summit has become to them, how connected to their peers and customers it makes them feel and above all how much they’ve enjoyed the experience. While this year’s event is going to carry on that great tradition, the team at Solar Media has decided to make a few changes to the format which will make it easier to engage than ever and help make the gap between us all feel a bit less, well, distant.

The first thing to mention is that with ‘online event fatigue’ becoming a real thing for many of us over the past year or so, the Energy Storage Summit 2021 is being held in two sessions over February and March: two full days from 23-24 February and again from 2-3 March.

The event’s four days are also being held thematically. Having a razor sharp focus on each day’s chosen topic will keep each day feeling like a fresh new opportunity to dig deep into the energy storage market and the opportunities and challenges ahead. Alongside all of that will be extended networking opportunities through an immersive platform.

This year’s key themes

Each day combines discussions with case studies, presentations and round table events:

Day One: Making money from batteries

From the opening address by noted financier, expert and industry enthusiast Gerard Reid of Alexa Capital, which will take us through energy storage’s crucial role at the heart of the energy transition, we will be looking at how exactly the versatility and smart capabilities of energy storage can translate into returns on investment. Market design, optimising hardware and software to meet market opportunities, bidding strategies, how to stack revenues without compromising system lifetimes and much more.

Day Two: Long-duration and disruptive technologies

What sort of mix of energy storage technologies will be needed for a cleaner, more efficient and resilient grid? Day two takes a look into planning for a future that has already begun: from the role of energy storage in achieving Net Zero emissions, to case studies on how advanced technologies like flow batteries and thermal energy storage might benefit the system and achieve commercialisation, to the whether green hydrogen is a hope or a hype and natural gas can be a “bridging tool” towards the renewable energy future.

Day Three: Policy & regulation

We often hear that technology moves much faster than policy and regulation and for sure, it does. But even the most cutting edge technology can’t have a meaningful impact without the means and ultimately the permission to be deployed at scale. On 2 March, the focus of the Summit will be on setting the right parameters for energy storage to participate in the energy transition: from how policies for long-duration energy storage can enable development and commercialisation to one of the biggest questions around lithium-ion batteries today – ensuring everybody that needs to, understands how to use it safely.

Day Four: Choosing a model to suit your business and financing

The market for energy storage has advanced so rapidly in the six years since the Energy Storage Summit began. As we will have heard on Day One, there are many ways to make money from batteries and many ways that energy storage can contribute to the energy transition as well as to the global economy. Batteries and other storage can help integrate renewable energy, help balance the grid and help bring the cost of electricity down for the consumer.

With so many options around, the final day of 2021’s event will focus on how everything fits together: some top names in the industry and investment community will talk about market conditions for colocating battery storage with renewable energy and about the changing landscape for financing storage projects.

See the full agenda and list of speakers, as well as to learn more about networking, how to sponsor, see data and news stories from previous editions of the Summit, and more, at the official Energy Storage Summit 2021 website.

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