Volkswagen and Elia Group partner on V2G programme in Germany


Volkswagen subsidiary Elli and transmission system operator (TSO) Elia Group have partnered to explore the potential of vehicle-to-grid (V2G) technology.

The two companies have signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) to work on integrating EVs into the electricity system. Together with Elia’s spinout organisation re.alto, which provides data solutions in the energy space, the pair have agreed on joint activities to highlight the benefits of integrating EVs into the grid.

The first area under the scope of the MOU is price signals and incentives. This will explore the ways that price signals can enable and incentivise owners to use their EVs as decentralised energy storage capacity through V2G technology to support the electricity grid.

The second area is market design. This means exploring how to give consumers freedom of choice when it comes to their energy supplier when charging their EV, regardless of where they are charging from. Aims include the removal of barriers that prevent EV fleets and consumers from choosing their supplier, smart charging service provider and aggregator at charging stations.

The third area is ensuring that data from EVs concerning their energy storage potential is reliable and secure for the power system. The fourth covers data security and safe connectivity, which means exploring mechanisms that allow the safe transmission of data, as well as defining roles and responsibilities related to steering the charging behaviour of e-vehicles whilst ensuring connectivity remains robust.

Chris Peeters, the CEO of the Elia Group, said: “The rapid rise in electric vehicles is reinforcing the need for cooperation between the electricity and mobility sectors. We want to enable the increasing number of EV users to charge their EVs while keeping the electricity system in balance.”

“As a next step, the batteries of these cars will also be able to be used in such a way that they will contribute to the overall levels of energy comfort experienced by end users. Elli shares the same vision of the future regarding electric mobility as us and also has a strong focus on digital innovations. In the context of sector convergence, we are therefore the ideal partners to develop digital consumer services together.”

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