Toshiba launches dual-tech energy storage system in Japan


Toshiba is trialling a PV hybrid storage system in Japan for use in emergency situations.

The company will work with Kawasaki City to establish the pilot in the Kawasaki Port area, a designated evacuation area in the event of a disaster. Toshiba claims its system would be capable of supplying electricity and hot water to 300 evacuees for a week.

The system also includes water electrolysis equipment. Hydrogen produced in the process will be transferred to a hydrogen fuel cell.

The containerised system could also be moved to disaster hit regions as needs dictate.

It will also contain a Toshiba SCiB lithium battery for electrical storage.

The system will be operational from April 2015 and the trial will run into 2020.

Toshiba's hybrid energy unit will provide electricity and hot water for 300 people in the event of a disaster. IMage credit: Toshiba

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