Sonnen enters US residential storage market in time for Christmas

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Image credit: Sonnen
German storage manufacturer sonnen will begin selling residential storage systems in the US before Christmas.

The firm, which claims to be one of the biggest selling storage manufacturers globally, is already offering its commercial systems but is now looking to take an early advantage in the residential market.

“In the United States there is enormous potential for battery storage, and the market is in its infancy,” said Philipp Schröder, chief marketing & sales officer, sonnen. “We’re entering this market at a very early stage, before most of the other competitors. We thereby gain a good starting position for remaining one of the leading providers in the US in the long term.”   

The batteries for the US market are being produced at its San Jose manufacturing facility, which the company said is running at full capacity. The company plans to add further production capacity to the San Jose facility.

Sonnen has already established itself as one of the largest energy storage suppliers in Europe and has placed overseas growth at the heart of its strategy.

Speaking to PV Tech Storage in November, Boris Van Boorman, CEO of the company’s North American operations said sonnen’s base in Europe gave it a platform to build on.

“There are so many players in energy storage that sonnen has a unique positioning now because we’ve been in the market so long, we have so many products on the market, we have the warranty that we underwrite for the batteries and we can underwrite the warranty because of our balance sheet. So we’re in a bit of a unique position in that regard,” he said.

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