PODCAST: Seismic shocks to power markets, drastic lows for LCOEs, dismay at ‘Planet of the Humans’

By Liam Stoker, Andy Colthorpe

This month’s episode of the Solar Media Podcast is now available to listen to, with discussion centring around record low solar prices and tumbling LCOE forecasts. We also discuss how work on grid-scale energy storage is now considered essential business and part of critical infrastructure amid the global pandemic, as well as hopes for the role it can play in a cleaner grid. 

Solar Media’s Liam Stoker and Andy Colthorpe discuss the continuing effects of COVID-19 on worldwide power markets, reflecting on IEA forecasts for historic energy demand lows and what they mean for renewables. There’s also talk of what new forecasts for record low LCOEs mean for solar and utilities, the advancement of energy storage and another difficult week for the PR teams of Elon Musk and Michael Moore.

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