SolarEdge CEO Guy Sella dies after cancer battle

SolarEdge Technologies’ founder and former long-time CEO Guy Sella has passed away two years after revealing a colon cancer diagnosis, the firm has confirmed.  

“It is with a very heavy and sad heart that we notify of the passing of our dear friend and inspiration, Guy Sella,” SolarEdge said in a statement over the weekend, released as video tributes were posted on YouTube.

“All of us who had the privilege to work with Guy and be witness to his unwavering drive and infinite levels of energy and passion for what he did know what a huge loss this is, not only to SolarEdge,” the firm continued.

“Guy has left an incredible legacy and his spirit will live on forever in SolarEdge. The entire SolarEdge family mourns his loss. On behalf of our Board of Directors, management team and employees, we extend our deepest sympathies to Guy’s family,” the statement went on to add.

Sella had initially disclosed a colon cancer diagnosis in SEC filings, dated 20 November 2017.

SolarEdge had just a few days ago appointed an acting CEO, Zvi Lando, to step in for Guy Sella as the company boss' health took a turn for the worse. The company also hired a new chief operating officer, Flextronics alumni Uri Bechor. 

SolarEdge's CEO Guy Sella. Image: SolarEdge.

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