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EVE Energy launches “Mr.” flagship series globally

By EVE Energy

EVE Energy has announced the official global launch of its ‘Mr. Big’ battery cell and ‘Mr. Giant’ system, representing a milestone in long-duration lithium battery energy storage.

After a period of over-competition and surplus in 2023, the critical challenge ahead is  how to make a breakthrough in long-duration energy storage and overcome the intermittent and variable nature of photovoltaic power.

Currently, lithium battery energy storage accounts for over 95% of new energy storage, usually with a duration of 2-4 hours. However, under the global commitment to carbon peaking and neutrality, the demand for large-scale long-duration energy storage has become more pressing.

With existing lithium battery technology struggling to meet the demand for long-duration storage, EVE Energy unveiled its CTT technology as early as October 2022 to become one of the leading players in the sector.

Dr. Yuan Dingding, CTO at the company’s LFP battery division, explains that the newly released “Mr.” flagship series is based on electrochemical technology and incorporates innovations including current collection, 3T technology and a 14μm separator, enabling minimal heat loss between charging and discharging cycles. The products are more efficient, simplerand safer, introducing a new definition of ESS and meeting the needs of large-scale long-duration energy storage development. The specially coated separator technology has an excellent thermal shutdown effect, with coating particles melting when the temperature reaches a critical level to avoid potential hazards.

The “Mr.” flagship series products will enter mass production for the global market in October and November 2024.

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