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VIDEO: Heat battery production by Scotland’s Sunamp

VIDEO: Heat battery production by Scotland’s Sunamp

Sunamp PV heat battery systems on the production line. Image: Sunamp.

Energy Storage News visited the offices and production facilities of Sunamp, a maker of heat batteries, in East Lothian, Scotland.

The company’s low cost devices are created using phase change materials that retain heat once activated, and were developed in collaboration with the University of Edinburgh. We heard about what the systems can do and how they were developed from the University’s Professor Colin Pulham, Sunamp’s CEO Andrew Bissell and the company’s chief materials scientist Dr David Oliver.

Dubbed “the Scottish Tesla” by MP Fergus Ewing, in addition to being on sale commercially, hundreds of the devices are being installed as part of the Eastheat trial scheme for Local Energy Scotland.

This article has been amended to reflect that the Eastheat trial is being conducted through Local Energy Scotland, not Community Energy Scotland as was previously reported.

Solar Media is hosting the Energy Storage Summit at Twickenham Rugby Stadium, London on 28 April as part of the UK Clean Energy Summit.