Throwing caution to the wind (and sun): why Solaredge is ‘all in’ on energy storage

Throwing caution to the wind (and sun): why Solaredge is ‘all in’ on energy storage

Another 'big solar and storage chat' from this year's Intersolar Europe / ees Europe in Munich, Germany (Summer 2019). SolarEdge VP of product marketing and strategy - and company founder - Lior Handelsman is back once again in conversation with Andy Colthorpe, editor.

We talk about how solar and storage can be competitive with fossil fuels, how SolarEdge is maintaining its own competitive advantage as well as some exclusive inside info on the company's forthcoming residential battery energy storage systems. The strategy behind the takeover of high power NMC battery maker Kokam and establishing a giga-supply chain, why NMC and not LFP and why, after a few years of caution, SolarEdge is now "all in" on energy storage.

This interview feature follows on from our look at SolarEdge's '24 hour solar story' at the show, an AR experience demonstrating the power of distributed resources, a similar look at Hanwha Q CELLS' complete all-in-one home storage and energy supply package and the Solar Media Editors' chat where UK editor Liam Stoker and Andy Colthorpe from E-S.n discussed what they'd seen around the show this year.  

There's also a short photo gallery from Intersolar / ees Europe here

Many thanks to all participants and organisers as well as to Fergus March for camera work / edits. 

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