1MW solar storage to be installed in New York City


Demand Energy, an energy storage company, and EnerSys, an industrial battery solutions company, have partnered with New York property developers to install 1MW of aggregated renewable energy across a number of properties.

The companies hope that the storage systems will be functioning by the summer and will work with the Indian Point Demand Management Program that Con Ed and NYSERDA are offering customers. 

This work is in conjunction with governor Andrew Cuomo and the Public Service Commission’s “Reforming the Energy Vision” programme, which hopes to better manage New York’s demand for energy.

“We’ve had a great experience and gained tremendous insights into how we can enhance our building operations through Demand Energy’s cloud-based management platform, building analytics and operational models for behind-the-meter (BTM) energy storage," said Josh London, VP of management, at the property developer Glenwood. He added that the company was keen to install the technology across its entire portfolio.

Work on the installations will begin this month.

Flickr: Tiago

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