Ultracapacitors and the energy transition: Unlocking new possibilities through innovation

Safe, reliable energy storage devices, capable of high-power charging and discharging with long cycle life: ultracapacitors can bring many benefits to the world’s transition to clean energy.

In this Energy-Storage.news webinar, EIT InnoEnergy and its ecosystem partners shed new light on the case for ultra-capacitors, the latest breakthroughs and the main segment areas - such as automotive, transportation, power generation and distribution, and industrial applications that include cranes, elevators, data centres or Internet of Things (IOT) devices - where they can play an essential or even game-changing role to help build a more efficient and sustainable future.

Gain detailed insights that will include the following:

  • The fast pace of breakthroughs that ultracapacitors have been able to achieve already and how they can serve as a key energy storage technology for both environmental and cost reasons
  • The range of applications they can be used for and how they fit into the industry landscape
  • Get inspired on how ultracapacitors could team up with batteries and other storage technologies as hybrid solutions to overcome some of the current challenges

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