Tucson Electric Power reinforces grid with trio of storage projects


TEP is looking to stabilise the grid and integrate more renewables into its grid. Source: Array Technologies/TEP.
Tucson Electric Power (TEP) has touted its efforts at reinforcing its grid with three separate energy storage projects.

NextEra Energy has already completed one 10MW system in Tucson, Arizona, itself. The lithium nickel-manganese-cobolt installation is being used for voltage stabilisation during periods of high demand.

A second 10MW system is currently under construction by E.On Climate & Renewables at the University of Arizona’s Tech Park just outside Tucson. The lithium titanate oxide storage system will be paired with a 2MW solar array. It is expected to be operational in the spring, according to TEP.

The utility said the two systems could also provide the equivalent of 5MW of power for an hour in the event of an outage as well providing grid stabilisation services.

The two were selected as the result of a tender. The combined cost of both projects is less than the original estimate for one system. TEP awarded 10-year contracts to the two winning developers with a series of performance-based clauses built-in.

TEP is also working with systems integrator IHI Energy Storage to build a 1MW lithium ion energy storage system at the site of the 5MW Prairie Fire Solar Array. The project will use IHI’s ESWare energy system planning and control software as well as acting as a test site to determine how best to use energy storage in Arizona and aide the selection of future energy storage sites.

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