SMA and LG Chem partner on battery inverter storage solution


The new battery-inverter storage solution is set to see households achieve savings of up to 80%. Source: Memodo
German inverter manufacturer SMA and Korean battery maker LG Chem have teamed up to offer a residential solar storage solution in Europe and Australia from December 2016 onward.

Using SMA’s Sunny Boy Storage 2.5 battery inverters and LG’s new RESU10 (100V, 10kWh) or 7 (48V, 7kWh) batteries, the residential storage solution can be retrofitted to existing PV systems, and is set to achieve customers significant savings.

“Photovoltaic power is less expensive than the electricity rate charged by regional utility companies in many European countries for private households,” said SMA chief executive Pierre-Pascal Urbon in a statement.

“By using the new SMA/LG Chem package, private households can reduce their electricity bill by more than 80% and decouple from the trend of rising electricity prices.”

"The combination of LG Chem’s RESU 400V line-up storage integrated with Sunny Boy Storage will have a great impact in the European and Australian residential storage market," said Sung Hoon Jang, senior vice president and head of ESS at LG Chem. "We expect this new technology to become a stepping stone that will enable more people to use renewable energy at home around the globe."

Users of the storage solution also have access to SMA’s online portal SunnyPlaces, and can monitor energy flows and savings opportunities. In addition, the system can be integrated with the Sunny Home Manager into a comprehensive energy management system if required.

The two market leaders are also planning to extend the partnership to include utility-scale storage solutions, but no further details were disclosed about this. 

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