‘Silver bullets are for werewolf movies’: Being real about energy storage

By Andy Colthorpe
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Even among high-level stakeholders, there are real gaps in education, knowledge and understanding of what energy storage is, and what it can do. Not long ago, the constant use of hyped and inaccurate terms such as ‘silver bullet’ or ‘Holy Grail’ by some in the industry to describe energy storage technology, almost as if batteries are some sort of miracle cure for decarbonisation, probably did more harm than good for the overall perceptions of the industry.

So if energy storage is not a ‘silver bullet’ – and it’s becoming clear that it is not – then what exactly is it?

We were privileged at last week’s Intersolar Europe/ees Europe shows in Munich, Germany, to be joined by four leading thinkers – and doers – in the energy storage industry, who helped us tackle this difficult question.

  1. Marek Kubik – Market director – Fluence
  2. Scott McGregor – CEO – RedT
  3. Emilien Simonot – Renewable technology officer – InnoEnergy
  4. Jean-Baptiste Cornefert – MD, e-services – Sonnen

Throughout the 45-minute discussion, you will hear how the economics of clean energy are changing rapidly, how batteries and other energy storage can play a huge role in decarbonisation – if used correctly – and what needs to happen now to create and maintain a sustainable, profitable and socially beneficial industry. 

“Energy storage is just a box…The [real] silver bullet is cheap solar and cheap wind, that’s what’s driving energy storage,” Scott McGregor from redox flow energy storage provider RedT said.

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