PODCAST: Solar supply crisis, storage procurement’s Wild West, and ‘the place to be’ in Europe

By Liam Stoker
Lithium-ion inspection solutions by ZEISS. The raw materials situation for storage doesn’t look as tricky as it does for solar, but some of the problems lie further downstream. Image: Andy Colthorpe / Solar Media.

The Solar Media podcast is back for another episode, and Liam Stoker and Andy Colthorpe kick off with an exploration of the deepening materials crisis impacting upstream solar manufacturing, through from modules to trackers.

Talk moves on to how the picture is very different in energy storage in some ways, and not-so-different in other ways. Andy reports back from an interview with specialist lawyer Adam Walters of Stoel Rives on how energy storage procurement in the US is “like the Wild West” and his recent discussion of energy storage in four European Union member states. Liam Stoker talks to Honeywell’s Erin Ergin about the prospects of energy storage markets around the world, and we also consider how this summer will be the California battery storage industry's first big test. 

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