Nidec ASI signs supplier agreement with Energy Vault

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Image: Energy Vault.

Update 12 November 2019: understands that the announcement from which the story below was taken was made prematurely by Nidec ASI. The company has asked readers to note that some of the information is 'early stage' and we expect a full, detailed update and announcement from the company in the coming weeks. 

Nidec ASI has been announced as a supplier to energy storage start-up Energy Vault, providing motors and inverters to the company. 

Energy Vault will use six 1.3MW motors and a conversion system based on latest-generation high-power inverters in a prototype project. It will demonstrate the company's unique technology, a “mechanical” form of storage based on hydroelectric power.  

It uses 160-metre tall structures, consisting of a six-arm support crane that lifts concrete blocks weighing 30 tonnes, which are subsequently lowered generating power. 

Dominique Llonch, CEO of Nidec ASI and Chairman of Nidec Industrial Solutions said that the agreement proved once again the company's ability to provide “completely customised solutions tailored to our customers' various needs”.  

“Thanks to this first project launched with Energy Vault, we are continuing to contribute to the development of the energy market in a direction of greater sustainability, pursuing the goal of an electric and zero-impact future.”

“I am really satisfied with the work of the entire Nidec ASI team and I am very proud that our company has been chosen as a reliable partner also by such an interesting startup as Energy Vault, to develop a project with an exceptionally high level of innovation.”

The system boasts a high efficiency, with 20MWh and 0.2C (4MW) of maximum power charge and discharge. It also is expected to have a long lifespan, at least 30 years giving it an advantage over other forms of storage like batteries. 

Energy Vault has already attracted attention, with the world's largest technology investor, SoftBank’s Vision Fund investing US$110 million in the company in August. 

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