Greensmith Energy chosen by Oncor to provide software for microgrid facility

Greensmith Energy chosen by Oncor to provide software for microgrid facility

Greensmith’s software platform — GEMS — will be integrated into Oncor's existing microgrid system. Image: Greensmith

Energy storage solutions and software company Greensmith Energy announced Tuesday that Oncor Electric Delivery has appointed Greensmith as the software provider for its microgrid facility in Dallas.  

Oncor’s existing microgrid is comprised of a carport PV array, ground-mounted PV array, microturbine, diesel generators, gas reciprocating generator and battery storage unit.

Greensmith’s software platform — GEMS — integrates all of Oncor’s microgrid assets and leads the performance of a variety of complex grid applications supporting power quality and energy availability.

Michael Quinn, vice president strategy and chief technology officer at Oncor, said: “We chose Greensmith as a partner and software provider to help expand the functionality of our microgrid and enhance individual components and overall system reliability and performance.”

John Jung, Greensmith president and CEO, added: “When you look beyond the sum of its parts, a network of distributed energy resources orchestrated by advanced energy storage and software, is precisely where the energy industry is heading. Having successfully developed Greensmith’s multi-application grid software through hundreds of megawatts of system integration and installation experience on either side of the meter– our GEMS platform stands alone as the most proven software package available to energy storage operators.

“We are delighted to partner with Oncor given their track-record of innovation and are excited to leverage our deep technology experience to expand the capabilities of an existing microgrid without changing a single piece of hardware.”

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