Listen App: Our big solar (and storage) chat is now a podcast

By Solar Media Staff
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Originally hosted on the YouTube channel and of course the site itself as a video feature, our recent Editors’ Chat at Intersolar Europe / ees Europe 2019 is now the first episode to run on Solar Media’s new podcast channel.

Two of Solar Media's editorial team (Liam Stoker, UK & Andy Colthorpe, Energy Storage & International Solar) got together on the third day of Europe's biggest smart energy trade fair to look at the role solar PV and energy storage play in the global energy transition.

We discuss:

Energy supply wars: how solar companies are looking to ‘crack the market’ for energy supply and creating holistic solutions that offer maximum value to customers.

Valuing the unique flexibility energy storage can bring to the grid: Rather than viewing storage as a capacity asset or a simple add-on to a solar or wind project, grid operators and other stakeholders are increasingly viewing energy storage as an enabler for other, amazing things.

Subsidy-free solar: We look at some specific examples and ask when Europe will see widespread development of solar (and storage) without the involvement of direct policy support.

EVs, PV and batteries: EV ownership could be cheaper than petrol vehicles as early as next year, according to some forecasts, while many solar companies have added charging control and other capabilities to manage energy from cars into their technology platforms and service offerings. And of course, mobility could one of the biggest hooks for public engagement with clean energy.

We also look at a bunch of other important topics, from industrial decarbonisation to the role of digital technology, some of the various markets around the world that you might expect – or not expect – to take off in the near future; and the need to “work smarter” to provide resilient, efficient, clean energy networks at scale, cost-effectively.

There’s a lot more to come on the Solar Media Editors’ Channel in the next few months, so why not subscribe now and make sure that you stay ahead of the curve?

Listen at this link:–Europe–2019-e4gj6g/a-ai3hjr

…and on Spotify:

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