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Sineng Electric unveils new-generation 1250kW central PCS

By Sineng Electric

Sineng Electric has launched its new-generation 1250kW central PCS at the 12th Energy Storage International Conference and Expo (ESIE) in Beijing, marking a significant advancement in energy storage technology.

The new product draws on the company’s extensive technological research and foresight into industry trends, and offers an impressive performance, with full load efficiency exceeding 98.5% and a 0.4% increase in system cycle efficiency. Ensuring stable power supply across diverse environments with lower LCOS, the product’s advancements not only enhance overall system efficiency but also translate to reduced electricity costs and an increased return on investment for customers.

With IP65-level protective design and phase-change heat dissipation technology, the PCS effectively withstands external harsh conditions, significantly extending its service life and, compared with previous generation products, it offers a 43% increase in energy density while significantly reducing its footprint by 49%. Its compact and intelligent design also maximizes energy storage capabilities in limited spaces, offering customers greater flexibility and options.

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