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Philadelphia Solar launches Involtek product line

By Philadelphia Solar

In line with its ongoing commitment to sustainability, Philadelphia Solar has launched its latest innovation, the Involtek product line, representing a groundbreaking advancement in energy storage technology. Based on cutting-edge lithium-ion batteries, the product has a number of features which set it apart in the renewable energy landscape.

Among Involtek’s standout features is its utilization of Grade A cells, ensuring superior performance and reliability. Additionally, the series offers a wide range of products and designs that allow for scalability, with a maximum capacity of up to 30kWh, catering to diverse energy storage needs. Integration of a sophisticated Battery Management System (BMS) enhances safety and efficiency while utilizing LFP batteries extends the product’s lifespan and reduces maintenance requirements. Involtek also offers improved discharge and charge efficiency, maximizing energy utilization.

Philadelphia Solar’s decision to extend its expertise into battery manufacturing underlines its holistic approach to sustainability. The Involtek product addresses critical challenges in the energy sector by providing efficient and reliable energy storage solutions, aligning with the company’s mission to promote the adoption of renewable energy and mitigate environmental impact.

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