In pictures: Energy Storage International 2018, Anaheim, California

Cover image: In addition to a new home automation unit and other products and services, Sonnen brought a working R2D2 to the show.

Some highlights from the show floor at Solar Power International's co-located Energy Storage International show in Anaheim, California this week.

LG Chem touted 4GWh of installations worldwide. All images: Andy Colthorpe.
Mobility, including fleet vehicles and hydrogen, played a prominent role on the show floor.
…this meant EV chargers and energy storage to buffer grid charging also took their place.
Power conversion equipment specialists and rivals DynaPower and Ideal Power took stands side-by-side with one another.
As well as electrochemical batteries, other storage media were presented including thermal ‘ice batteries’ from Ice Energy which enhance the efficiency of air conditioning units in the home. Copper coils can be seen in the battery stack.
…and in addition to lithium batteries, the likes of EOS Energy Storage brought novel technologies. EOS produces patented zinc cathode batteries,

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