GE delivers its largest storage project to date


GE has provided its largest storage system to date, a 30MW for Coachella energy Storage Partners (CESP).

The project is for Imperial Irrigation District and will be installed in Imperial Valley, California. It will be used to provide back-up, grid flexibility, solar ramping as well as frequency regulation and power balancing.

“We chose GE as the energy storage system provider for this project because they supplied the most comprehensive solution at a competitive price,” said Mike Abatti, president of CESP. “GE is well-positioned to serve the needs of the project and will remain a stable, reliable technology provider as the energy storage industry evolves.”

Plant will be provided by engineering  firm ZGlobal.

“This project is a game changer to the energy industry and will be one of the largest battery storage plants in the western United States,” said Ziad Alaywan, president and CEO, ZGlobal.

It is GE’s third lithium ion storage project following deals with Con Edison Development in California and Convergent Energy + Power in Ontario.

Construction is expected to begin in early 2016 with completion in the third quarter that year.

In other news, GE has partnered with Highview Power Storage, Heatric, BOC and Metalcraft on a 5MW liquid air energy storage (LAES) demonstration project in Manchester, UK. It will be commercialised by KiWi Power and will interact with the main grid.

Image: wikimedia commons User: Momoneymoproblemz.

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