The Energy Storage Report 2024

Now available to download, covering deployments, technology, policy and finance in the energy storage market

How are battery storage and energy companies future-proofing their data communication infrastructure?


Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS) will play an integral role in enabling both the transition to renewables and the long-term sustainability of our energy grid.  Therefore, relentless focus is needed towards cost-optimizing the design, deployment, management, and maintenance of these systems to support such scalability. In this webinar we will explore some of the data and communication challenges to be solved in this process.  For example, how to achieve energy protocol flexibility to allow grid/SCADA integration across the globe. In addition, since BESS life span is in the order of decades, how can we implement cost-effective remote management, diagnostic, and maintenance solutions to minimize total cost of ownership but maximize uptime?  Furthermore, how to leverage the future Artificial Intelligence of Things to automate workflows and use edge AI inference to make informed decisions locally at the machine level?

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