Brazil promoting energy storage linked with renewables

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Flickr: m.j.ambriola
Brazil’s energy agency ANEEL has approved the creation of a strategic report on how to integrate energy storage systems into wind and solar applications in the country.

The report to be named ‘Technical and Commercial Arrangements for Inserting Energy Storage Systems in the Brazilian Electricity Sector’ will call for research and development on the technology, citing the value of renewable energy technologies, but also the downsides of their intermittency; an issue that can be alleivated through storage.

ANEEL will monitor the innovation attempts and evaluate results along with participation from the Ministry of Mines and Energy (MME), the Energy Research Company (EPE), the National Operator system (ONS) and the National Development Bank (BNDES) among others.

Director of ANEEL Reive Barros said: "This is a consumer-funded resource, like any investment, which should return to those who invest. Thus, it is important to identify the benefits to the consumer in R&D projects." 

MME today forecast that Brazil will become one of the top 20 solar energy producers in 2018, with its 2.6GW of contracted PV in the pipeline following two major renewable energy auctions in 2015 and 2014. PV still only accounts for a fraction of the energy mix with wind and hydro accouting for the majority of renewable capacity at present in Brazil.

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