Virginia’s 100% renewables by 2050, 3.1GW of energy storage by 2035 goals look good to go

Governor Ralph Northam is more than likely to sign off on the bills – given that he was their instigator. Image: Flickr user Sabreguy.

While it still needs a signature from Governor Ralph Northam, the US Commonwealth of Virginia’s bicameral lawmaking body has finally passed a version of a recent clean energy – and economy – bill that has proven acceptable to both sides of the house.

The finalised, much-amended bill can be viewed here, setting out the technical and policy conditions by which Virginia can reach Governor Northam’s proposed goal of 100% renewables by 2050. This includes peak shaving programmes; support for rooftop solar and for wind energy; coal phase-out mandates for utilities Dominion Energy and American Electric Power, which have held sway in the energy mix until now; and a 3,100MW energy storage deployment target by 2035 (with 2,700MW for Dominion and 400MW for AEP).

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