VIDEO: Global energy storage market forecast with Guidehouse Insights


What are the biggest market segments by region, application and opportunity today in energy storage? Guidehouse Insights senior research analyst Alex Eller takes us through the present and emerging hotspots of the global energy storage industry. Taken from the Energy Storage Digital Series online conference held earlier this year.

Watch the video below to learn more, with insights on topics including:

  • Utility-scale energy storage, the biggest segment of the market today. New project activity remains concentrated in a relatively small number of countries – find out which ones.  
  • The expected impact of the coronavirus pandemic, over this year and over the next decade on demand for energy storage.
  • How the growth of renewable energy is the single biggest driver for deploying storage, but other valuable and significant use cases are driving deployment too.
  • Major policy, regulatory and consumer demand drivers in the biggest markets today, as well as where emerging opportunities are coming up fast.
  • Costs of energy storage, from lithium-ion to flow batteries, to the dynamics of cost reduction across whole system architectures.
  • Stick around at the end for the questions and answers session with the audience. 

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