VIDEO: Energy storage meets electric vehicles – solving critical infrastructure challenges

By Solar Media Staff
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Email was delighted to host a sponsored webinar with Wärtsilä Energy on how energy storage is being used to support the uptake of electric transport last week – and you can now watch the whole thing on our YouTube channel.

Demonstrating a vision for integrated energy and infrastructure planning through one of the first projects to combine electric vehicles (EVs) with energy storage at large scale, Wärtsilä Energy and developer/investor Pivot Power are deploying 100 megawatts (MW) of energy storage in the UK.

Made up of two 50 MW / 50 MWh systems in Oxford and Kent, the grid-scale batteries will provide essential capacity for rapid electric vehicle (EV) charging hubs and grid-balancing services, helping to ensure the reliability of electricity generation and supply across the UK.

Pivot Power, an EDF Renewables company, is developing a world-first, national network of grid-scale batteries for rapid EV charging. The two 50 MW lithium-ion battery systems will be the first projects completed as part of Pivot Power’s programme of grid-scale energy storage and high-volume power connections.

By coupling large-scale energy storage with forecasted load demand, the project will enable a smoother transition to decarbonise both the energy and transport sectors and avoid the need to build out new fossil-fuel based infrastructure.

The projects will provide balancing services for the UK grid, including frequency response, electricity market trading and reactive power services.

Luke Witmer, general manager for data science at Wärtsilä Energy Storage and Optimisation and Matt Allen, CEO of Pivot Power, talk you through the technical and planning aspects of the two projects. editor Andy Colthorpe presents the webinar and moderates a discussion with Luke and Matt, as well as asking questions from the audience.

The sixth annual Energy Storage Summit hosted by Solar Media takes place in February 2021. See the website for more details

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