VIDEO: ‘Beyond Lithium’ case studies and Q&A with tech providers

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While pumped hydro accounts for the majority of already-installed energy storage capacity, worldwide, lithium-ion (Li-ion) accounts for the vast majority of advanced energy storage facilities we see being deployed today. However, there's a race to develop new technologies – and adapt existing ones – that can either be complementary to lithium batteries, or even compete with them. These could include longer duration electrochemical storage such as flow batteries, mechanical energy storage, thermal energy storage and others including ultracapacitors and hydrogen (power-to-gas) storage.

In this session from the Energy Storage Digital Series online conference hosted earlier this year by our publisher Solar Media, representatives from three technology providers offer up some case studies, data, insights and opinions on where they think the market could go.

Moderated by editor Andy Colthorpe, the session includes a Q&A session at the end. Presenter is Solar Media Events producer Lucy Jacobson-Durham.

Taking part are:

  • Javier Cavada, CEO, Highview Power Systems (liquid air energy storage)
  • Ed Porter, Business Development Director, Invinity Energy Systems (vanadium flow batteries)
  • Charlie Blair, Managing Director, Gravitricity (gravity-based energy storage).

The Energy Storage Digital Series, an online-only conference and webinar series, produced and hosted by the events division of our publisher Solar Media, took place in May 2020. Thanks to all who attended and supported the event!

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