Sunverge selected by three US utilities for energy storage program

By Conor Ryan
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All three utilities have recently purchased Sunverge systems  as part of next-generation demand response or resiliency programs. Image: Sunverge

Sunverge Energy has signed off on deals with three electric utilities in Arizona, Florida and Vermont that will expand the company’s customer base for its storage system and Virtual Power Plant (VPP) platform.

All three utilities have recently purchased Sunverge systems as part of next-generation demand response or resiliency programs.

Following a solar innovation study, Arizona Public Sector Company (APS) is developing a fleet of Sunverge One energy storage units  combined with Home Energy Management Systems (HEMS) that will provide more reliable load shapes and boost customer bill savings.

APS will begin deploying the Sunverge energy storage systems in the greater Phoenix area beginning in December 2017.

Florida’s Lakeland Electric is installing a system at a commercial site to showcase the ability for energy storage in order to help cut down a customer's’ peak demand and serve as a way to support the grid.

In order to observe Sunverge systems' ability to hold up high power loads during an outage, Vermont’s Green Mountain Power have deployed a Sunverge One at the rural Farm & Wilderness camps, which host summer programs for children.

After installing the Sunverge One, the system provided seven hours of backup power during a recent power outage at the camp — including  the support of three commercial-grade refrigerators.

Sunverge CEO Martin Milani noted: “These three utilities join dozens of others that are exploring how aggregated distributed energy resources, including storage, can deliver improved customer value and new grid services. The APS solar innovation study provides a glimpse into the future of the grid. In that future, overall energy supply and demand is balanced home by home, while still maintaining the comfort of each customer.”

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