Spain’s 3GW renewables auction includes option for projects with energy storage

Hybrid renewables-plus-storage facility built a couple of years ago by Acciona in Spain. Hybrid technology combinations will be allowed in the auction, as will projects that include energy storage systems. Image: Acciona.

The first of Spain’s new clean energy auctions is set to take place next month, with the country’s government allocating a total of 3GW of renewables capacity. While at least 1GW will be for solar PV and another 1GW for onshore wind, the remaining capacity will be auctioned without technological restrictions.

Winning PV projects from the auction on 26 January will receive a 12-year power purchase agreement.

The announcement marks the beginning of Spain’s new auction mechanism, which foresees a total of around 19.4GW of renewables to be assigned through auctions between now and 2025, with at least 10GW of that capacity to be solar PV. The pay-as-bid system will allow hybridisation between technologies and be compatible with energy storage. 

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