PV Tech Power Volume 33


91 pages

Highlights in this edition include:

  • Onshoring solar’s supply chain
    Efforts are gathering pace to diversify the PV supply chain. Jules Scully details the challenges ahead.
  • Solar and land use in the UK: balancing energy and food security
    Molly Lempriere investigates how much land the UK needs for utility-scale PV plants as it transitions to net zero.
  • New PV module technologies’ impact on quality and LCOE
    By George Touloupas, senior director at Clean Energy Associates.
  • PPA aggregation increasing offtaker pool for project developers
    By Meghan McIntyre, energy analyst at Schneider Electric.
  • European energy strategy must reconcile the need for flexibility
    By Julian Jansen and Lars Stephan of Fluence.

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