PV Tech Power Volume 28

96 pages

Highlights in this edition include:

  • Photovolatility: What’s caused the surging price of PV modules?
    After a year of unfettered material and shipping cost increases, Sean Rai-Roche details the causes
  • Outside of the ‘Big Three’, which states are driving US solar forward?
    Outside of California, Texas and Florida, where is solar finding a home in the US? Molly Lempriere reports
  • Inside PV CAMPER: A global research collaborative to advance photovoltaic performance across a range of operating climates
    By PV CAMPER representatives
  • PV ModuleTech Bankability Ratings: perspectives on reporting accuracy two years after the initial release
    By Finlay Colville, head of market research, PV Tech Research
  • Discovery and invention: How the vanadium flow battery story began
    Maria Skyllas-Kazacos tells Andy Colthorpe about the origins of the vanadium flow battery

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