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Kehua Tech’s New-Gen S³-EStation 2.0 liquid-cooled BESS makes European debut at Intersolar Europe

By Kehua Tech

Kehua has participated at Intersolar Europe 2024, showcasing for the first time its new S³-EStation 2.0 liquid-cooled BESS, together with its comprehensive portfolio of PV and energy storage solutions.

S³-EStation Premiere

The spotlight was on Kehua’s new S³-EStation 2.0 5MW/10MWh intelligent liquid-cooled energy storage system with grid-forming features. The solution integrates a 5MWh liquid cooled battery energy storage system and a 5MW MV Skid, supported by over 100 patents and featuring three key technological highlights:

Safe: The 5MWh liquid-cooled container is equipped with multi-point monitoring for rapid fire alarm activation. The co-operation of a 3-level fire protection system, i.e., pack-level modular fire distinguisher device, cluster-level aerosol fire distinguisher and container-level compartment sprinkler fire protection ensures the safety and reliability of the solution.

Smart: The product has an air outlet on the top of the station. The ambient temperature  can be reduced by 9℃ under the same conditions, which enables the system to run with higher efficiency and have a longer service life. The global grid-forming design of the system achieves inertia, active/reactive power regulation functions and the ability to actively support the power grid. The system can withstand a short circuit capacity ratio (SCR) down to 1.1, and can achieve a ɥs level grid-forming ability and ms level power response ability, which can effectively suppress power grid fluctuations, significantly improve power quality and ensure the continuity and stability of power supply.

Simple: Through increased battery capacity and structural upgrades, the EStation 2.0 achieves a 45% density improvement, effectively reducing the space requirement for the ESS. Factory pre-assembly and testing provide a positive on-site installation experience, with standard-sized logistics facilitating simpler and more cost-effective equipment transportation.

Zero-carbon Utility Solution

In addition to its large-scale energy storage solution, Kehua also presented a diversified utility-scale PV solution with superior ROI. The new generation 350kW string inverter showcased at the booth demonstrates outstanding performance in power generation, safety, reliability and adaptability. With a 12/15 MPPT design and a maximum efficiency of 99.02%, it significantly increases power generation and, with an IP66 protection rating and optional C5 protection, it delivers enhanced value in environments such as deserts and islands.

Zero-carbon C&I Solution

For commercial and industrial applications, Kehua’s S³-EStore C&I liquid-cooled ESS continues to attract significant attention. The system combines active safety, streamlined flexibility and intelligent efficiency by integrating PCS, BMS, batteries, fire protection and liquid cooling systems in a compact 1.3m² footprint. With an overall efficiency of up to 90.2%, cluster-level management, simple delivery and installation and flexible expansion capabilities, it meets diverse requirements for commercial and industrial parks, further enhancing the profitability of commercial and industrial energy storage. To date, the system has been widely used in Europe and Latin America.

The SPI125K-B-X2 and SPI60K-B-X2 string inverters achieve an IP66+C5 protection rating, providing a secure and reliable PV solution for commercial and industrial property owners. With intelligent IV scanning functionality, they accurately detect module anomalies, offering property owners convenient and straightforward operation and maintenance, saving both time and effort.

Zero Carbon Residential Solutions

In the zero-carbon residential display area, Kehua presented the S³-iStoragE3 series all-in-one residential ESS and SPI25K-B-X2 string inverter. The former continues the elegant and minimalist design for the household family, winning the prestigious IF design award. It is safe, reliable, operates quietly and features intelligent management through an APP for an exceptional user experience.

The compact SPI25K-B-X2 string inverter surpasses the industry average in size and weight, with comprehensive lightning and leakage protection for safe electricity usage at home.

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