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CLOU unveils new energy storage solutions at ees Europe


In its third outing at ees Europe, CLOU has launched a series of new energy storage solutions and products to enable the continent to continue its transition to clean energy. The new releases included the CLOU Engineering & Procurement Package (“EP Package”) solution and the Aqua-C2, a high-density energy storage module. The company also previewed the Aqua-C2.5, a 20ft container 5+MWh solution.

CLOU has almost three decades of experience in the global power industry as a smart grid and battery energy storage solutions provider, with 2024 marking its first participation at ees Europe since its acquisition by the Midea Group in 2023 injected  the company with renewed resources and networks.

Europe is the global leader in transforming energy grids from fossil fuels to renewable clean energy, the annual showcase in Munich displaying the rapidly improving innovations that are helping to drive this transformation in energy grids and power stations not only across Europe but around the world.

“CLOU is proud to work with its global partners, including many partners right here in Germany, to deliver clean energy at the speed and scale needed to reduce the impact of climate change and improve the energy security in all the countries where we operate,” commented CTO Luca Tonini.

The new solutions from CLOU will help clean energy producers in a number of ways:

Firstly, the EP Package is a comprehensive solution that covers the entire BESS  value chain including DC block, PCS, MV transformers, switchgears, EMS, SCADA and O&MS. The solution covers sizing, electrical and communication design, financial analysis, and long-term service agreements all at site level.  The Package is unique in that it covers everything in just a single interface and provides flexible service combinations to meet the specific requirements of each energy production facility.

On the energy storage product side, CLOU released its latest storage unit, the Aqua-C2. Compared to its previous version, the Aqua-C2 includes a remarkable 40% increase in site-level energy density and a 35% increase in lifetime usable energy. These improvements come along with an enhanced environmental tolerance for extreme weather, lower auxiliary consumption and enhanced safety system design.

Additionally, the company previewed its Aqua-C2.5, a 5+MWh solution in a 20ft HC container, enhanced with either a string PCS or DCDC converter. This state-of-the-art solution will deliver CLOU’s latest technology to support unique customer requirements.

CLOU also signed three new engineering partnerships during ees Europe, with PAX Solar, SunService EOOD and Ktistor Energy, to provide service and technical support for BESS projects in Germany, Bulgaria and Greece. These latest partnerships for the company in Europe will further grow clean energy development in the region, while helping foster innovation and creating new employment opportunities. 

CLOU Energy Storage Product Company’s Overseas Solution Director Charles Gao commented: “We are proud to bring our latest EP Package solution to the over one hundred countries where we operate, and most importantly, right here in Europe where the initiative for a clean energy transformation is strongest. This year’s ees Europe has provided us with a valuable platform to showcase our international presence and collaborate with partners worldwide as we work towards being a world-class energy services provider.”

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