The Energy Storage Report 2024

Now available to download, covering deployments, technology, policy and finance in the energy storage market

Managing utility-scale batteries in the energy transition


Against a backdrop of high gas prices and tighter margins in late-2021, prices for electricity and gas have soared to record highs in many markets across the world, together with the introduction of new frequency response and ancillary services in many markets, this has resulted in significant commercial appetite for energy storage. But making strategic decisions to ensure maximum return on investment for these assets has never been more complex. 

In this webinar, GridBeyond will explore: 

  • The role of batteries in the transition to net zero energy sector 
  • Commercial perspectives around operating and optimizing battery storage assets 
  • Key considerations for securing financing for assets  
  • The importance of market forecasting, revenue stacking, dispatch optimization, and auction strategies in ensuring that battery storage assets achieve their full value potential 

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