VIDEO: Israel’s electricity revolution and the role energy storage will play in it

VIDEO: Israel’s electricity revolution and the role energy storage will play in it was delighted to host a sponsored webinar with consultancy Clean Horizon on the Israeli context for renewables and storage as the country undergoes an ‘electricity revolution’ - and you can watch the whole thing on our YouTube channel.

Clean Horizon CEO Michael Salomon and editor Andy Colthorpe are joined by Eitan Parnass, Director General & Founder of Green Energy Association of Israel (GEA-IL) and Yossi Sokoler, head of the regulatory department at the Israeli Electricity Authority (PUA).

As much as 8GWh of energy storage may be required to enable Israel’s policy aim of sourcing 30% of its electricity from renewables by 2030 and to enhance the reliability of the electricity grid.

The next big step is an open-ended solar-plus-storage auction backed with government power purchase agreements (PPAs). This follows on from a first auction which this summer lead to the award of 168MW of PV and 672MWh of energy storage.

According to PUA’s Yossi Sokoler, the deployment of around 2GW / 8GWh of energy storage is expected to be needed to help meet Israel’s renewable energy goals, which equates to the installation of 12GW of solar PV. Solar will make up 26% of the energy mix in 10 years’ time, with other renewable sources providing around 4%.

Presentations from the three speakers were followed by the panellists answering questions from the audience. 

The sixth annual Energy Storage Summit hosted by Solar Media takes place in February 2021. See the website for more details

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