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VIDEO: A framework for accelerating Germany’s solar-plus-storage market

Sonnen, like others, said they had planned to do without the scheme from this year, but it has been extended to December 2018. Image: Sonnen.

Germany, until recently the leading European nation for installed PV capacity, extended a scheme to support purchases of lithium-ion energy storage systems for solar at the beginning of this year.

At Solar Media’s Energy Storage Alliance Round Table earlier this year, Jorg Mayer, managing director of German solar trade group BSW Solar, explained the methodology and reasoning behind the scheme’s existence and design.

In these excerpts from Mayer’s talk, we’ve highlighted some of the key issues surrounding the scheme, KfW 275, launched by the federal development bank KfW. One surprising aspect is the revelation that KfW 275 is in fact not strictly a mechanism to support energy storage – instead it’s an incentive to encourage solar PV system owners to peak shave.

The grant system will be in place until December 2018 and has been credited by some with giving shape and definition to the market for small to small commercial-scale batteries.

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