Battery company Powervault leverages Kaluza’s tech platform to reach UK consumers

Image: Powervault.

British battery storage system manufacturer Powervault is backing a recent agreement with energy tech platform Kaluza to help expand its reach in its home market.

Earlier this week Powervault announced that it had penned an integration agreement with Kaluza, which will see the former’s home battery units incorporated into latter’s flexibility provision platform.

The deal will enable the flexibility and capacity of installed Powervault 3 batteries to be aggregated by Kaluza and used to satisfy grid-level system balancing needs. Revenues generated from that flexibility provision can then be shared with Powervault owners, helping boost returns for consumers.

It echoes a similar deal between Kaluza and German battery storage manufacturer sonnen agreed earlier this year, and Joe Warren, chief executive at Powervault, said the arrangement presented a “huge opportunity” for the manufacturer to boost its profile.

“Having access to those services can make a really big difference,” Warren said, stating the firm’s ambition to install “tens of thousands of devices” over the coming years.

“While we haven’t finalised exactly the consumer proposition as yet, it’s clear that if you can offer an additional benefit and get some reward for doing that, it’s going to make the return better.”

Tom Pakenham, director for electric vehicles at Kaluza, meanwhile said that the agreement would “widen the net for both parties”.

Early iteration of Powervault system from 2017. Image: Powervault.

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