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Welcome to the newsletter from We lead off with an exclusive interview on the strategies for making battery projects in the US stack up, with Key Capture Energy CEO Jeff Bishop the company's director of development in New York, Taylor Quarles. Key Capture has made a name for itself in a fairly short space of time and it was fascinating to hear how they did it, and where they see the market going from here. We heard today that Tesla has won its first Megapack order in Japan, which is a fairly small project but could be indicative of things to come. The August edition of our Podcast is here and you can listen to Liam Stoker and I talk about all things solar and storage that have come across our desks in the past four weeks. Elsewhere: US homeowners are increasingly asking for batteries with their solar, Michigan's utilities have been instructed to help the state's regulator assess the best ways to integrate and monetise energy storage for the grid, grid stability and inertia measurement company Reactive Technologies gets some well-known investors and UK renewables entrepreneur Amit Gudka has kicked off his new battery storage venture with a 160MW project pipeline. Thanks for reading and we hope you enjoy using the site.

The latest from Energy Storage News

Capturing the value of grid-connected battery energy storage speaks with US developer Key Capture Energy about what energy storage means for the transformation of the energy system.

Tesla wins first Megapack battery storage order in Japan

Tesla will deliver a battery energy storage system (BESS) to a ‘Battery Power Park’ project in Japan which will participate in various electricity market opportunities and help stabilise the grid on the northern island of Hokkaido.

PODCAST: Solar PV caught in trade war, battery storage goes big (again) and avoiding climate despair

It may be the height of summer but there’s no respite for the Solar Media Podcast, the new episode of which is packed full of insight as the US begins its clampdown on solar imports.

EnergySage: Emergency backup power driving solar customers towards battery storage

Users of US solar price comparison site EnergySage are increasingly drawn towards battery storage through concerns around having enough power in emergency situations, with 70% of users now requesting storage with their solar quotes. 

Michigan utilities recognise benefits of energy storage in comments to state regulator

Electric utilities in Michigan are in agreement that energy storage offers multiple benefits to the customer and network, but uncertainty remains over how it can be introduced into market structures. 

Breakthrough Energy Ventures invests in grid stability and inertia measurement provider Reactive Technologies

Breakthrough Energy Ventures was among investors in a Series C funding round for Reactive Technologies, a company which has developed a means to measure “fundamental grid stability parameters in real-time,” offering visibility to renewable energy and energy storage asset developers and system planners. 

UK renewable energy entrepreneur’s new battery storage venture secures 160MW project pipeline

Battery storage startup Field has secured a pipeline of 160MW of battery storage sites in the UK, and begun construction of its first 20MW site in Oldham, England.

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