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Project Status Announced
Size 110MW
Duration 10 hours
Technology Molten salt storage
Crescent Dunes, Nevada

Crescent Dunes, Nevada

Commissioning began in mid February on Crescent Dunes, a concentrated solar power (CSP) project in the US claimed to be the largest of its kind in the world with molten salt storage capability.

Commissioning of the 110MW project near Tonopah, Nevada, marked the first step towards bringing the project into full commercial operation, which is scheduled for later this year, according to developer SolarReserce

SolarReserve said the project has five times the capacity output of pilot projects that have tested this technology.

It said the storage technology means the plant can operate without the need for any back-up generation from fossil fuel-powered facilities and provide power on demand. Unlike other tower systems, it uses a dry cooling system that saves on scarce water resources.

The commissioning phase will include system-by-system verification and start-up, as well as equipment calibration and testing. 

SolarReserve said commissioning activities underway at Crescent Dunes include energisation of the utility interconnection system and other electrical systems, as well as the first stages of testing and calibration of the heliostat field – the array of mirrors that track and concentrate the sun’s energy on to the molten salt tower, which produces super-heated steam.

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