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PV Tech Storage recently visited Crossway, which was the UK’s first retrospectively accredited Passivhaus, described by its owner and designer, architect Richard Hawkes as the “best performing” in the country. It was also featured on popular UK home and lifestyle programme Grand Designs, with the show’s presenter Kevin McCloud praising the arched-roof design of the house as “one of the great illusions of architecture, pulled off here with utter bravado”. The occasion for the visit was the installation of a lithium-ion battery storage system with built-in energy management, by Chinese solar company ReneSola.

Videographer Fergus March and reporter Andy Colthorpe interviewed Richard, who also lives in the house with his family and spoke with Joe Van Wyk, technical support officer for ReneSola, who discussed how the system operates, while he and an electrician worked to install it.

ReneSola installs battery storage system at top UK Passivhaus

The system's interface allows the user to assess the performance of the system. Image: Fergus March.

ReneSola installs battery storage system at top UK Passivhaus

Richard Hawkes outside Crossway, which is also his family's home. Image: Fergus March.

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