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Harsh Thacker

Harsh Thacker is a senior analyst at Customized Energy Solutions and the India Energy Storage Alliance. Specialising in market research, process improvement and strategy consulting, his research areas include power generation and transmission and distribution equipment, investment, renewable energy development, energy storage systems and power utilities best practices. He is also an advisor on market analysis and forecasting, organisational development, stakeholder management and operations & maintenance (O&M).

Stories by Harsh Thacker

The hope invested in rural microgrids deserves better returns

Microgrids—distributed systems of localised generation, distribution network and load—are being increasingly deployed particularly in rural areas of emerging and under-developed countries to achieve energy access. However, a “fragmented and unorganised” sector still faces significant challenges, writes Harsh Thacker.

Tags: microgrids, rural electrification, space agency, enabling technologies, finance, india, solar-plus-storage